About Us

Welcome to Fwrchiren.com 
Express your new growth within.

'Fwrchiren' short for flower children represents love energy.

Fwrchiren is a lifestyle incorporating beauty, art, music, fashion, nature and philosophy.
Fwrchiren supports creating with love energy to enhance learning and mood/vibrations primarily through apparel. 
Our mission is to create unique and intergalactic apparel, by exploring earthly and otherworldly concepts, new age thoughts and numbers, including the power of the number 717 and 12, symbols high vibrational energy.
 Fwrchiren collaborates with amazing designers around the globe and its vision is to create more artistic partnerships with talented artists and brands.

This apparel is unisex, futuristic, intergalactic, athletic and high quality. 





Contact Us:

Email: fwrchiren@gmail.com 

Twitter Handle: @Fwrchiren